LTC Tim Ungaro, U.S. Army, and his favorite Auntie

Kimberly was the perfect little officer’s wife, devoted, talented and smart. She graduated with an accounting degree from the University of Maryland on an Academic Fellowship with a 3.9 GPA. But even Einstein could have been stabbed in the back by those he loved.

Kimberly had no clue that her “amazing” Army officer husband she was married to for almost 13 years was not at all who she thought he was. Army Lieutenant Colonel Timothy Ungaro had a dark side. It was a dark side the United States Army knew all about but was more than willing to give him a pass, allowing him to rise up through the ranks.

Kimberly was a disabled Army veteran, suffering from a broken back obtained during a training exercise during Desert Storm when she was 18 years old. After several surgeries and lifelong issues, she is now rated at a 70% disability with 100% for un-employability.

She is currently a part time substitute teacher for her children’s school district in Battle Creek, Michigan. In her spare time she is an accomplished artist. After her discharge from the Army she attended college at Southern Illinois University (SIU), where she met Timothy P, Ungaro.

Tim was also a student at SIU, and the two met not long after he had been thrown out of the Illinois National Guard for Illicit drug use. Kim wouldn’t find out that little tidbit until many years into the relationship.

The two hit it off and eventually married and ultimately had three children together. Timothy missed the military life and reenlisted, but this time in the United States Army. Apparently the Army was so desperate for recruits, they chose to overlook Ungaro’s illicit drug use in the National Guard. Or, the National Guard of Illinois concealed that fact from the Army.

The family headed off to Fort Stewart after Tim Ungaro was placed back on active duty in the military. Tim was deployed many times. After returning from a deployment to Korea, Tim applied for and was accepted into the Army’s Officer Candidate School (OCS) at Fort Benning, Georgia.


After graduation the newly commissioned Lt. Timothy Ungaro received orders to the 25th Infantry Division located at Schofield Barracks Hawaii from 2002-2006, where he rose to the rank of Army captain.

Our readers may recall a series of articles on about the massive, ongoing corruption occurring in the 25th ID under the command of Major General Clark. Major Andrew Higgins had exposed massive fraud and was then summarily tossed out of the Army. The Army wanted to court martial him, but he was squeaky clean.

The general tried getting Army psychologists to say Major Higgins was not mentally all there, but when military psychiatrists didn’t play along, MG Clark convened a board, who under the general’s direction handed down an administrative “other-then-honorable” discharge. This all for his efforts to protect taxpayer money. The evil bastards knocked on his base housing residence and seized both him and his wife escorting them to the front gate to kick them off the Army base.

But, we digress…

LTC Tim Ungaro, U.S. Army, exuding all the swagger of a peacock spreading his feathers.

From Hawaii, the Ungaro family returned to Fort Benning, GA once again. Captain Timothy Ungaro, volunteered for an MIT Team and left his family once again, this time heading for Fort Riley Kansas for a solid year.

Then it was off to Fort Bliss, Texas, taking the family with him to assume command of HHC 1/27. Kimberly recalls working many days and long hours, ordering personalized cakes, preparing sandwiches, desserts, salads, and food, and drinks for several hundred soldiers and other various personnel. Kim wanted the change-of-command to be special for her husband and children.

The reception was a huge success. Later that day the entire family returned home to celebrate in private. Kim later sat down at her computer to catch up on some of her work and noticed a strange email address (Cando_31313 which was Tim’s company motto at Ft. Stewart) kept popping up and she asked Captain Ungaro what it was.

He disclosed that it was his “deployment porno account,” and that he didn’t want her to see it, quickly departing for another room in the house with the children.

It’s a mark of cowardice to use your own children as a shield to avoid answering embarrassing questions about your clandestine porno account, because he knew his wife would not confront him on the subject in front of the children.

LTC Ungaro was such a coward, he only used his children to get out of the house so he cold flee into the night. with his tail between his legs. Kimberly knew he was a creature of habit and tried only one password to hack into his “deployment porno account.” The pass word was: “go cubs,” because Ungaro was an avid Chicago Cubs fan being from Woodstock, Illinois where they filmed the movie Groundhog Day.

All of a sudden, the trusting wife started to realize what kind of man she was married to. Bit by bit, she began to put pieces of the puzzle together. She remembered bills for credit card accounts that LTC Ungaro said were not his. He had filed identity theft claims saying that he had no clue whom had opened those accounts.

Now, Kim realized her husband’s “deployment porno account” offered unmistakable proof of the credit-card fraud and her husband’s secret life. Tim Ungaro had been using those credit cards he claimed no knowledge of, to pay for phone sex.


While Kim was pregnant with their third child she had begged her husband to stay home and wait to go to Ranger School, because he had just returned from an 18-month deployment. Kim had become pregnant previously, but miscarried, then became pregnant again, and doctors told her she was in danger of losing that child as well.

Tim Ungaro made the decision to place his Army career before his wife and family, departing to attend Ranger School.

Captain Tim Ungaro, U.S. Army (right)

Kimberly had a tough time living in Hawaii thousands of miles from family and using a walker as she hadn’t had spinal surgery yet. Her unborn baby was sitting on her spine causing her tremendous pain.

One weekend LTC Ungaro called his wife Kimberly to ask her to set up a hotel room and a car, so he could have a brief refuge from the rigors of Ranger School, and have a quiet place to have a phone conversation with his devoted wife. At least, that’s what he told her.

Again, being the loving and supportive wife, and understanding the strenuous demands on people going through Ranger training, she happily did so. Kim waited by the phone, eager to speak with her husband, but he never called.

At, 8 1/2 months pregnant, Kim feared something bad could have happened to Tim, and spent most of the night calling police stations and hospitals to see if anyone knew anything. What Kim did not know was that her “loving” husband was having a weekend of partying. His wife and family was the furthest thing from his mind.

The following day LTC Ungaro called to tell Kim he had stayed out with friends and slept in the car. However in the email account Kimberly found that he had been shacking up with a government employee by the name of Cindy Greer.

When Kimberly confronted Ms. Greer about her relationship with her husband, Ms. Greer decided to use her position with the government to look up personal information about Kimberly and her children on her computer, all in an effort to intimidate Kimberly Ungaro.

Kimberly stood her ground this time and informed Ms. Greer that if she ever used government computers again for her “opposition research,” she would call the appropriate authorities and file a complaint using a basket full of evidence in the way of emails between her and her husband.

These few examples are just several in a long list of things that Kimberly uncovered in that email account. LTC Ungaro apparently opened his clandestine email account at the beginning of their nearly 17-year marriage and never deleted anything.

Whether he just liked to fawn over his illicit activities, or he is just that plain stupid is a question our readers can decide. But one thing we do know, LTC Ungaro never deleted a thing. Kimberly, being a very intelligent and smart woman, kept copies of everything to protect herself and her children. The evidence is damning.


LTC Ungaro, not only liked the danger of cheating on his wife, but he impressed Army brass by the way he flaunted danger in the military. Ungaro racked up three bronze stars and numerous other ribbons and medals. Ungaro had become a poster-boy for the United States Army, but in his private life he was pure scum.

Tim Ungaro (right) in country

His military career wasn’t really that good either, but he always had people in his chain of command that protected him. When Tim Ungaro was attached to the Third Infantry division, his squad leader, SGT Mike Allen had several live mortar rounds at his home. For some strange reason, he took them home because he didn’t want to fire them off at the range?

Kimberly encouraged them to place the live mortar rounds in the amnesty box. An amnesty box is a way for stolen items to be returned with no questions asked. Instead, SGT Allen dumped the live mortar rounds in a swamp near Brunswick, GA.

Instead of turning in SGT Allen, LTC Ungaro decided to threaten his wife if she breathed a word of what had transpired. In 2019, Kimberly did report the illegal disposal of live mortar rounds, but the Army has once again chosen to cover the matter up, ostensibly to protect Ungaro’s stellar military career.

Lieutenant Colonel Timothy Ungaro bought prostitutes that included some rather ugly transvestites, committed credit card fraud, stole live mortar rounds, adultery, illegal drug use, and Heaven only knows what else that we are not aware of.

Finally Kimberly had had enough and packed up the children to leave this unhealthy relationship for good. LTC Ungaro begged her for another chance, and his performance could have won him an Oscar. Foolishly wanting to believe that he would change, Kimberly relented, but only on the condition that he divulge all his dark behavior to his parents, brothers, and go to therapy.

He told his parents in front of Kimberly, and started seeing a therapist named Toni Aguilar. Ms. Aguilar apparently realized that LTC Ungaro was a mental mess and recommended inpatient services to address his “issues.” When Ms. Aguilar made her recommendation, LTC Ungaro abruptly quit the counseling sessions.

At Ft Hood and Ft Bliss, LTC Ungaro assumed the duties and responsibilities of legal office for his command, taking great pride in kicking soldiers out of the Army that were guilty of far less than he was doing on any given day. Lieutenant Colonel Timothy Ungaro is a card-carrying HYPOCRITE.


The Army bestowed a top-secret clearance on LTC Ungaro, and sent him to school in Washington D.C. Presently; LTC Ungaro is working at the Pentagon, allegedly as an Information’s Operations Officer, where he tracks down the world’s terrorists. At least that’s what he tells his wife and children.

Four days before Christmas, he told his wife that he had to remain in school through Christmas. Kimberly knew from his sordid past, that something was up. She discovered he had taken up temporary residence at a local whorehouse.

Tim Ungaro (right), attempting to schmooze the natives

At this point, LTC Timothy Ungaro decided he no longer wanted to portray himself as a husband and family man. He preferred life in the fast lane instead. On the phone he told his wife their relationship was over.

Kim had been keeping his commanders informed of Tim’s exploits. This included, but is not limited to, Major Ray Jones, Major Barrows, LTC Kean and Col. Ashmore. But, Ungaro’s chain of command was disinterested in how he was treating his wife and children.

They weren’t even interested in three live mortar rounds dumped in a Georgia swamp. The Army policy is to go along to get along, and occasionally ignore the deviant behavior of one of their rising stars.

Kimberly still retains the email communications with members of her husband’s chain of command, in case their memory has “faded.” Hey, Army, what happened to those words,”….or tolerate those who do?”

Our readers should know that LTC Ungaro wasn’t all bad, because he loved his family members. We mean, he really loved his family members. While assigned to assigned to Fort Hood, Texas and attending class in Washington D.C., LTC Ungaro had been having an affair with his aunt.

You heard it right; LTC Ungaro was doing the wild thing with the women who was previously married to his uncle, HIS AUNT. Auntie knew that her nephew LTC Ungaro was married and had children, but that fact didn’t seem to bother her too much either.


Kimberly reported this information to the commanding officer’s wife who told her husband what was going on in the “troubled” life of LTC Ungaro. The commanding officer called Kim on the phone, and heard the whole unvarnished story. An investigator was dispatched ostensibly to investigate the alleged ethical and criminal misconduct of LTC Timothy Ungaro.

Tim Ungaro with his favorite Aunt

In reality, the investigator had apparently been instructed to “shut the woman up.” Instead of being a professional investigator gathering facts and evidence, the Army investigator subtly threaten Kimberly.

The Army investigator said her children would suffer if she persisted with her complaint, that they could lose their benefits. What they actually said was, “that if this comes out, it won’t be good for your kids, because they’ll lose all their benefits.”

The word went out all over the base at Fort Hood, Texas. Kim Ungaro was instantly blacklisted. She as given the silent treatment. Kim witnessed first-hand how the United States Army circles the wagons to protect one of their own.

Being socially ostracized, without any friends at all, Kim Ungaro fled home to Michigan. LTC Ungaro had very little to do with his own three children for those first few years.

In her eyes, he could hardly assume the title of father. Kim believes that her husband married his Aunt for access to her money. He was just that kind of guy in her opinion.

Kim decided to move on with her life and got remarried. Kim thought LTC Ungaro had lost all interest in his children, but once she assumed a new life with a new husband, Ungaro embarked on incessant harassment. As we see in many other failed relationships one parent or the other tries to poison the minds of the children against the other parent.

Kim’s 16-year-old decided he wanted to go live with his father (LTC Ungaro) in Washington and Kim agreed because he was acting up and was becoming more difficult to control with each passing day. Kim discovered her x-husband had been encouraging the misbehavior, all part of a plan to gain custody of the child.

LTC Ungaro had agreed to purchase the boy a brand new motorcycle, a moped, and a truck. When he didn’t fulfill those promises the boy started acting up again, but this time at his father’s residence.


Within a month, father and son were not getting along at all, and LTC Ungaro decided to have his son confined to a behavioral health center rather than parent the child. According to Kim Ungaro, the school was a place for children who had severe behavioral problems, and some of the children had actually committed murder and rape. Several children had actually died at the facility.

When, the young man discovered what his father was really like, he wanted to move back home to his mother, but out of spite, LTC Ungaro denied this request and chose to have his son committed instead.

Kim discovered that LTC Ungaro had pulled another fast one when the school’s enrollment papers were signed as “Kimberly Ungaro.” Kim suspected that her signature had been forged used to commit their son to a “behavioral health center.”

But, while the signature was probably illegal and certainly unethical, LTC Ungaro believed he had a get out of jail card by having his new wife (and Aunt) sign the document. It turns out, that LTC Ungaro’s new wife’s name is also Kimberly!

It got worse, when Kim attempted to contact the school in an effort to get her son out of a situation that was tantamount to serving time in Alcatraz. LTC Ungaro had convinced the school that he had gotten custody of his son because he was being neglected by his mother. This was a complete lie, but something the school was glad to accept as fact when they saw Ungaro’s beautiful Army dress uniform.

Being a fighter, Kim got a court order from a Michigan judge to allow her to speak to her son, but the school has thus far refused to recognize the authority of a Michigan judge in Washington D.C.

At great expense, she traveled to Washington from Michigan multiple times but the Newport News Behavioral Health Center never did recognize her full rights as a parent. She finally got to take her son on an outing in July. Within two weeks, he was released from the hell hole his father had committed him to.

Unfortunately, the boy went from one hell hole to another, after he was sent back to his father and stepmother’s home in Virginia. His father prevented his son from communicating with his mother for months. The boy ended up seeing a therapist, who let him use the office phone to call his mother every chance he could.


Life at his father’s home was bad, forcing the child to run away. Kim drove to from Michigan to pick him up so he wasn’t sitting on the side of the road. He told his mother that his step mother was terribly abusive and frequently resorted to physical confrontations.

Kim arrived, picked the child up and drove him around for about an hour trying to calm him down before she called the police to file a report. The police came, promised the child that they would not leave him at his father’s home if he didn’t feel safe, but they left him there anyway.

The officer then came back to Kim’s vehicle requesting the child’s belongings. Kim was reluctant, but the officer resorted to the usual threats to arrest her, so she gave the police everything except a jacket and helmet that Kim had brought with her to give to her son.

The jacket and helmet were purchased by Kimberly, but LTC Ungaro used her possession of those two items to get a judge to issue an open felony bench warrant on Kimberly, so that if she comes to Virginia again, she will be arrested and thrown in jail.


Oh, what tangled webs we weave. Presidential candidate H. Ross Perot was being interviewed by ABC’s Barbara Walters (AKA: Baba Wa Wa). She said, Mr. Perot we have heard that when you find one of your employees having an affair, you immediately fire them, is this true? He quickly responded, “Yes that is my policy.”

Baba Wa Wa immediately countered by saying, isn’t that a personal matter that doesn’t concern you. Ross Perot calmly said, “If your wife can’t trust you, then why should I?”  There’s a lot of wisdom in what Perot said to Baba Wa Wa.

If the military doesn’t like you, they will throw the book at  you and your personal life will be ripped wide open. But, for some special charismatic individuals the military likes, everyone in the chain of command puts on blinders or looks the other way.

Normally, tends to avoid the “he said, she said” fights that commonly occur when military marriages goes south, but if only half of what we have been told is accurate, LTC Ungaro should be in Ft. Leavenworth, along with several of the officers in his chain of command who aided and abetted his detestable behavior, then covered it all up.

Knowing the military as we do, we doubt the Army has the guts to do the right thing. It would require filing charges against five or ten officers who have dirty hands in the Ungaro fiasco. It’s much more convenient and politically expedient to let the Michigan disable veteran mother and her children twist in the wind.

Instead of court martialing a decorated lieutenant colonel for credit card fraud, adultery, fraternization, use of illicit drugs, conspiracy to illegally discard live mortar rounds, and probably a hundred counts of conduct-unbecoming-an-officer, the United States Army chose to promote and protect him.

By allowing an officer to retire to avoid prosecution or even an investigation, is not holding people accountable for criminal misconduct. Hey Army, you should be ashamed for your lack of involvement and total failure of leadership.

We want to hear from LTC Ungaro. If you feel you have been unjustly maligned, we ask for you to address these numerous allegations of misconduct. Let’s start with the live ordinance you and/or your buddies dumped in a Georgia swamp. Potentially killing innocent civilians didn’t see to bother you.

Cheating on your wife is one thing, but stealing and illegally discarding live ordinance is the kind of thing that will get you tossed in prison…. or should.

We are betting there is much more that Ungaro has done that no one knows about, so we are putting out a world-wide appeal to all members of the United States Army and Illinois National Guard who have additional information about either LTC Timothy P. Ungaro, or any member of his chain of command. staff is standing by…