And let's not forget those who aid and abet corruption

MilitaryCorruption.com (MC.com) received lots of communication from past and current DISA (Defense Information Systems Agency) employees after our LAST ARTICLE. The communications helped us to zero in on the real problem at DISA.

The real problem at DISA is the severe lack of leadership by the agency’s director, Vice Admiral Nancy Norton which has allowed Tony “The Swampman” Montemarano (and others) to run morale of the agency right into the ground.

VADM Nancy Norton, one of the worst naval officers we have encountered in nineteen years.

DISA is so screwed up, that MC.com had decided to stay on the case until a real leader is finally installed at DISA, a leader who makes positive and substantive changes to improve the agency’s efficiency and morale.

Don’t tell us it’s an efficient and well run organization when a senior executive was thrown in jail for repeated DUI offenses and allowed to retain her security clearance, while others are having sex with a subordinate in the parking garage.

It is well known that Mr. Dave Bennett (retired Army Colonel) and his current wife #2, Tammie Bennett who previously was a DISA employee, had an affair while he was serving on active duty and assigned to DISA as an Army Colonel. Was that a UCMJ violation?

For a single count of fraternization in the military, an active duty military member could be sent to a general court-martial and receive a felony conviction and two years in prison.

Sex is not necessarily required for a fraternization conviction. All you have to do is buy a subordinate a beer and call him/her by their first name, and wallah… you are fraternizing.

Obviously, it’s a part of military law that is seldom applied evenly in the military. Many admirals and generals are guilty of all sorts of debauchery and given a free pass to do so by nature of their rank and status.

Anthony “The Swampman” Montemarano

Bennett’s sexual liason(s) with subordinates under his direction may not technically constitute fraternization if the woman is a civilian, but if he or she was married at the time of their sexual dalliances, that’s adultery and is punishable according to the UCMJ.

Bennett was apparently married during his love affair and nothing happened to the horny colonel for his sexual escapades. Ah, such is military law, applied to some and not to others.

Our sources tell us that Mr. Dave Bennett and Tammie eventually married after he retired from the Army, divorced wife #1, and immediately became an SES at DISA.

In his SES position at DISA, he assisted wife #2 (and former mistress) with climbing up the ladder of success to become a GS-15 at DISA without the education or qualifications for the many positions that she was promoted to while employed at DISA.

Just like Lisa “Tequila Sunrise” Belt and Laura Williams, the “optics” are that Tammie Bennett “performed special sexual favors” to quickly rise to the top at DISA also. It is believed that Tammie Bennett finally received a degree from Strayer University in 2013 or 2014. We are still working to find evidence of this.

Dave “I love the parking garage” Bennett

Also, a previous DISA Director (general officer) transferred her from the Agency to NSA after her husband (Dave Bennett) was promoted to Director of Operations. However, it is widely believed by the DISA workforce that Tammie Bennett was really transferred from the Agency because many employees filed IG complaints alleging special treatment and unmerited promotions.

Currently, Tammie works at the Pentagon for the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics, and Training (ASAALT). Swampman Montemarano effectively protected Tammie Bennett for many years because of his friendship with Dave Bennett (his best buddy) by moving her from job to job throughout DISA for over a ten year period.

Swampman Montemarano, is currently the DISA Component Acquisition Executive (CAE) and Executive Deputy Director. Swampman used his “influence” to place Tammie Bennett in whatever position he wanted and whenever he wanted. Now, now…. don’t let your mind go in the gutter just yet.

Nearly every time Dave Bennett received a new role in DISA, it had a positive affect on the jobs Tammie Bennett received as well. DISA leadership (mainly Tony “Swampman” Montemarano) moved her to a new position whether or not she qualified for it and and blatantly disregarded other more qualified DISA employees for such positions. Folks, this is called “sleeping your way to the top.”

Corruption arrives in many forms and can be defined in many ways. Corruption can be referred to as: fraud, nepotism, crime, exploitation, malfeasance, extortion, graft, bribery, atrocity, evil, degradation, pollution, demoralization, misrepresentation, shuffle, shadiness, venality, racket and payola.

How many of these examples of corruption have been perpetrated by DISA (Defense Information Systems Agency)? We don’t know exactly, because none of DISA shenanigans have been properly investigated.


PREFACE: There’s a disturbing paradox in the American workplace. As organizations look to reap the benefits of a diverse, multicultural and inclusive workforce, the countervailing force of racism often undermines that effort, creating challenges that HR often is responsible for overcoming.

We are apprehensive about going anywhere near the race issue, because we don’t know who to trust when charges of racism are levied. Sometimes when a White supervisor does not promote a Black person, it’s immediately called racism, when in fact, it could be the person who happens to be Black is a poor worker and is undeserving of a promotion.

Then there’s the flip-side to that coin, minority members are sometimes told that everyone starts off in the “mail-room,” then get’s promoted from there. But, many minority members never got out of the “mail-room” because of the insidious and evil thing called racism?

Racism, unfortunately exists everywhere in the world. And sadly, real racism is being adversely affected by the race-baters who try to make a business out of it, like Al Sharpton. There are others who attempt to promote themselves like Jussie Smollett. His little charade could have started a race-riot causing injury, death and millions of dollars in property damage.

Millions of Americans still believe that Michael Brown was shot in the back by police officer Darren Wilson on August 9, 2014. After the Grand Jury heard the facts, they decided not to indict Darren Wilson. That’s when Eric Holder’s Department of Justice got involved. Even the DOJ couldn’t prove that police officer Darren Wilson acted outside his authority.

But none of it mattered. Ferguson, Missouri was the scene of looting, destructive fires, deaths and general mayhem for weeks on end. “Hands up, don’t shoot” was all a lie perpetuated by a dishonest news media.

Based on the volume of phone calls and mail, we at MC.com believe that racism does indeed exist at DISA and little is being done to address the issue. Frustrated minority employees are consistently filing complaints, and the IG does what the military does… makes it look like they are investigating, when in fact they are not.

A DISA African American employee feels most strongly that she is the victim of blatant racism. Without conducting a thorough investigation, we have concluded that either racism is the cause, or the employee has a vendetta against her supervisor for her perception of racism. Based on the number of emails we have received, and the vitriolic nature of those emails, we suspect there is a racism problem at DISA.

The African-American DISA employee said the following….

Mr. Montemarano, Lisa Belt and Lorie Brinkley won’t promote Black women. I was promised by Lorie Brinkley a promotion in December 2015, but never received it. Brinkley then moved me to another branch and increased my duties which was suppose to come with a promotion to the next grade, but once again, I was never promoted.

Two Caucasians were with me at the same branch and all three of us were at the pay-grade of GS-11. Now, they are both GS-13s, while I am still at the GS-11 pay-grade. I feel my work is also deserving of the same promotion they received, but they got the pay bumps and I did not. I CALL IT RACISM, PURE AND SIMPLE. 

From my point of view, Lorie Brinkley does not like Black women, even when they are most deserving of a promotion. Lorie Brinkley’s management policy appears to be, White ladies are  promoted, the Black ladies are not.

All I want is to be is treated fairly and to be provided with the same opportunity that others have received. I feel I’ve been doing the work of a GS-13, but have not been paid as a GS-13. Not only should I be at a GS-13 level, but I should receive retro pay going back to November 15, 2016, when my duties were increased without any promotion. This unfair treatment is probably due to racism, as there can be no other explanation.  

By my count, there are five other Black women at DISA who have also suffered from Lorrie Brinkley’s racist management style. This has got to stop. Someone needs to fully investigate this matter. 


No doubt, the next senior executive for the DISA

According to the Greeks, “A fish rots from the head down”; attested in fifteenth century CE Paroemiae of Michael Apostolius Paroemiographus.

The biggest problem at DISA is pathetic (rotten) leadership at the very top. Vice Admiral Norton is a disgrace to her naval uniform for allowing the Swampman and his minions to do whatever the hell they want to regardless of the ethical and legal implications.

VADM Norton has to be one of the worst naval officers we have ever encountered in nineteen years of reporting on dubious leadership traits by flag-ranking naval officers over the years.

Vice Admiral Norton, you should be ashamed of how you are running the Defense Information Systems Agency. And, don’t tell us you have no knowledge of any of this going on in your own agency.

Were you not the deputy director before you were promoted to the Director’s job? Yes admiral, you know all about how your agency is being run and you are doing nothing about it. All the problems at DISA are as a direct result of your failed leadership. If you had any sense of honor and decency, you would resign immediately.

If you don’t resign, President Trump needs to pay a visit to DISA and do some major housecleaning. After our article exposing the drinking problem of Lisa “Singapore Sling” Belt, DISA has doubled-down by taking action to protect Lisa “Gimme a drink” Belt.

The hypocrisy of it all. Swampman Montemarano allowed the suspension of a Black female direct-report employee due to a minor financial situation that showed up on her credit report. Yet Lisa “Pina colada” Belt was paid and promoted while in jail and kept her security clearance.

At the very minimum, Lisa “Martini” Belt should have been stripped of her of her TS-SCI clearance and ordered into mandatory counseling for her alcoholism or alcohol abuse. One employee has a gotcha on her credit report and her life goes to hell, while others are protected and promoted for things that a far, far worse.


One source believed to be credible said, Colonel Jaksec was relieved of duty and allowed to retire. Also, it’s important to note that he was under investigation at his prior command. The DISA IG (a total joke) believed the Army had fired him.

Greg Edwards, working for various Colonels, including Colonel Jaksec, promoted Susan Lin from a GS-12 to GS-14. She is totally incompetent. As an ‘accountant’ she couldn’t even provide account numbers. She lives in VA. They are both married to other people and had an affair.

Their affair was well known, but came to light during a Climate Assessment in this same unit. Greg Edwards, did something in Korea before coming to DISA as a Civ GS-15 was told to shut-up and retire as a USAF O-6. He is now a SES with NATO or the Army.

Susan Lin was transferred to the Pentagon. During the staff meeting when he told people she was being transferred to the Pentagon she sobbed uncontrollably. People distinctly remember her tears splashing on the conference table.

Kim Watkins had an affair with her SES. The SES is now deceased, but while he was alive Kim’s husband (Mr. Watkins), who worked directly for her, one day barged into the SES’s office while Kim was there yelling ‘this is my wife.’

Two people complained to the IG about this mess. One was told to retire. The other was given a number of months to ‘find another job.’


Swampman Montemarano appears to be violating DoD Acquisition policy by serving as the Executive Director of the agency and the Milestone Decision Authority (MDA) per the DoD 5000.02. Throughout DoD and the Military Services an MDA has one responsibility and that is the overall Acquisition authority which is an appointed full time position.

Acquisition Program and Project Managers are suffering under the current CAE and the Vice CAE leadership. Swampman Montemarano, David “has anyone seen my girlfriend” Bennett and several other senior males participated in the forcing of Dr. Carter out of the agency who was previously the MDA and head of CAE as the MDA because she refused to violate policy and was not part of the click.

We have been led to believe that Dr. Carter sued and won her case against the agency for an estimated amount of about 1 million for discrimination. This is how the Swampman is able to manipulate the system with the Tammie Bennett situation.

Tammie Bennett

Swampman Montemarano provided Tammie Bennett a job in CAE before she was forced by the previous Director to take a job at NSA which didn’t last long because she didn’t qualify. Swampman Montemarano also gave her a position to be the Deputy Program Manager for an ACAT I Program, which is a major acquisition program that Tammie definitely did not qualify for.

In most of her positions Tammie Bennett stayed on Facebook and certified time cards. She was frequently referred to as the Facebook and time-card queen. Tammie Bennett abused and misused the power she was given by virtue of being shoe-horned into jobs she simply was not qualified for.

Tammie Bennett served as a Deputy Program Executive where she took disciplinary actions against a Program Manager and reduce his grade from a GS-15 to a GS 14 for have an affair with his employee. The individual was married and his wife worked in the agency.

Lori Brinkley participated in having an African-American female employee suspended for a few months without pay and her clearance was removed. There were other disciplinary actions taken as well, and it was clear to many that Lori Brinkley has a problem with Black people.

The agency has a sneaky way of using Management-Direct reassignments as a way to get certain folks they like into leadership positions without competing, and often without possessing the requisite ability to do the job they were promoted to. This is a clear violation of OPM 5 CFR policies.

Dave Bennett and Montemarano appointed a Charlie Osborne (White male) into Jessie Showers (African-American) old position. Osborne is well known throughout the agency to be a racist. Charlie Osborne apparently has no leadership abilities whatsoever, and is nothing more than a ass-kisser. Presently, the Swampman is attempting to promote Charlie to become an SES without competing for the position.

They moved Charlie Osborne and Lisa “set ’em up bartender” Belt into Acting SES roles without competing for the jobs. When employees filed complaints Bennett and Swapman Montemarano got caught with their hand in the cookie jar, so they advertised the positions as rotation assignments. Lisa “jailbird” Belt became the Acting Cyber Director, Charlie Osborne who replaced Jessie Showers became the IE Director as GS-15s.

Stay tuned…. there’s no doubt much more coming. We have only scratched the surface at DISA. This is what happens when the IG’s office does what they can to cover-up issues rather than attack them head-on. If you don’t help solve the problem, then YOU are the problem.

The racism, nepotism, cronyism and fraternization going on at DISA is tearing the agency apart. Mr. President, time to drain the swamp and get rid of nearly all of the leadership at DISA and the IG. They are all in it together and must be sent packing. And sadly, a proper investigation would probably result in criminal referrals of many DISA “leaders” as well.