Many people are still trying to figure out if Major General Hurley is Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde. Did he really make one of his subordinates pregnant?

Taken right out of the military’s ABOVE-THE-LAW play book, Major General Paul C. Hurley was quietly ushered out the “military back door” into retirement while no one was looking. This is a classic example of how the military applies their brand of “equal justice.” Let’s go over it again so everyone knows their sneaky little ways…


  1. SOMEONE FILES A COMPLAINT – A person, either civilian or military comes forward to file a complaint against a senior-ranking military officer such as a general (or admiral). The complaint usually involves things like rape, sexual harassment or fraud, but could include a wide range of other criminal and/or unethical activity. The general is NEVER FORMALLY CHARGED by prosecutors, because that would be the first step towards a court-martial proceeding. This is something the military wants to avoid at all costs.
  2. PRETEND TO INVESTIGATE – If the incident hits national news, a secret intensive investigation will occur under the radar to determine if there’s any credence to the charges against the general. That information is passed along with lightening speed to the Pentagon. If the complaint is credible, the military makes it appear they are on the case by transferring the flag-ranking officer from his present duty to another base or to the Pentagon. This is when the public affairs officers are given carefully drafted sound bites to regurgitate anytime someone inquires about the status of the case. The military will give every indication they are officially investigating the matter. But, any investigation is designed to find the incriminating or damning evidence so it can be suppressed, destroyed, ignored or downplayed.
  3. USE THE LINE, “HE WAS FIRED” – In the hope to mollify everyone the military will say, “The general WAS FIRED.” This is a joke; it’s a sneaky way to calm down civilians. The civilians view “being fired” as losing your job and paycheck. The civilians wrongfully believe the general was kicked out of the service and lost his pension. The civilians also believe the military was acting aggressively to hold one of their own accountable. NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH. All the military did was to remove the general from the scene of the crime and put him on a desk job collecting his paycheck until everything quiets down and he can be quietly retired.
  4. ATTACK THE VICTIM OR WITNESS – Overt steps are initiated to silence the accuser/witness and undermine the basis of the complaint. Victims/witnesses are frequently attacked as the system quickly maneuvers to protect the general. There is a direct and proportional relationship between the general and the military “system.”The military found out a long time ago, that if you protect the general, then you are also protecting the military status quo (the military swamp). One proven way the military silences whistle-blowers and victims of crime is to order them for a psychiatric evaluation, then cart them off to military mental hospitals in an effort to destroy their credibility. (REF: Michael Tufariello, SEE VIDEO)
  5. DRAG YOUR FEET FOR MONTHS OR YEARS – IF IT BLOWS UP and the story worms it’s way into the news, the military has their own methods of damage control. The first defense is to offer flowery words to calm everyone down such as, “We take these issues very seriously and cannot comment about any pending or ongoing investigation.” Unfortunately, a real investigation is seldom initiated. Most so-called military investigations lack basic integrity, because the military is investigating itself. An inherent conflict of interest always exists. For the military, it is critically important to make sure the trust the American people have for their military is not tarnished in any way. The military will do and say anything to protect their Audie Murphy image, while secretly maneuvering to protect the general. The two go hand in hand. The primary objective is to make damn sure the case never goes to a trial. Sometimes the truth has a tendency to leak out, even in a court-martial. Even though military court-martials are easily manipulated to produce a desired result, things can go off the rails when truth enters the courtroom. A fully contested trial could potentially divulge truth the military does not want America to hear. Military authorities will make no statement for months or even years, as the entire matter begins to disappear from civilian and military consciousness. Time is always an ally of deceit. The passage of time is the military’s best weapon to conceal the truth.
  6. QUIETLY RETIRE – Suddenly one morning, many months after being caught with his pants down, the general doesn’t show up for “work.” No one really knows where he went. Worse yet, they know better than to even ask. Sometimes, the military will officially say the general took some leave. But, what they won’t tell you is the general is on separation leave and will never be returning to active duty.
  7. GET HELP FROM THE ARMY & NAVY TIMES – In order to effect a good cover-up, the military employs help from some trusted partners. Service newspapers (Navy Times, Army Times, etc.) won’t report hardly anything about the general’s quiet retirement and his stealthy escape from the long arm of the law. If these service newspapers actually disclose the general’s quiet exit from the service and escape from jurisprudence, the story of his departure, if mentioned at all, is strategically placed in small print somewhere on the back page. The most insidious power of any news outlet, is the power to ignore in favor of a desired narrative. These service newspapers seldom tell certain facts for fear of losing access to military commissaries and base exchanges all over the world. To gain access, they surrender their souls. They operate or proceed in an inconspicuous or seemingly harmless way, but actually with grave effect when they help to conceal or downplay the general’s quite departure from active duty and escape from the law. Their unwritten policy of “going along to get along,” relegates them to being nothing but propaganda tools for the military. For the military service newspapers, it’s not about reporting the truth, it’s all about money, access and power.
  8. USE THE BOGUS PUNISHMENT PLOY – If someone happens to inquire about the “punishment” the general received for his misconduct and violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), the military first blurts out, “The general was reduced in rank.” Most of the time the reduced-in-rank ploy is a canard. Frequently, there’s no punishment, because the officers they supposedly reduce in rank have been “frocked” to the next higher rank. Frocking means they can wear the stars, but are not yet being paid for the next higher rank. In Hurley’s case he was allegedly reduced in rank from a Major General (two stars), to a Brigadier General (one star). This could result in a slight loss of his monthly pension pay, or no loss at all if he was frocked. It’s all a semantic shell game designed to deceive.
  9. REMOVE THE VICTIM OR WITNESS – For the same reason the mafia silenced Lee Harvey Oswald (then, Jack Ruby), the military has to get rid of the person who filed the complaint. The military will do this either administratively or using their highly controlled judicial system. The military system lumbers along without scrutiny if people are too frightened to report fraud, waste, abuse and criminal misconduct by senior military officers. The military system is designed to silence those who would dare to speak truth to power. In fraud cases, the victims are the American taxpayers who have no one negotiating on their behalf. And, the government just prints more money to replace that which was stolen or misappropriated.

AS A SUPPORTING SIDE NOTE: Recently, Arizona Senator Martha McSally suddenly revealed that a senior Air Force officer raped her while she was on active duty, but  didn’t come forward because she said she didn’t “trust the system.” She did not come forward for good reason, because the system is designed to protect senior officers, which in turn, protects the system.

MilitaryCorruption.com wants to know the name of the Air Force officer who allegedly raped Senator Martha McSally. Regardless of whether a statute of limitations bars a prosecution of the alleged rapist, MCC still wants to bring the alleged perpetrator to the court of public opinion. Because of the numerous rape victims of Bill Cosby that  were barred by a statute of limitations, California passed a law that rape no longer has a statute of limitations.

In the interest of fairness, we need to hear the alleged perpetrator’s side of the story. Regardless of the time which as transpired from the alleged rape and now, we need to have the facts come out even if it descends into a “she said, he said” standoff. WHO IS THE PERSON WHO ALLEGEDLY RAPED SENATOR MARTHA McSALLY?

Even though Hurley was busted in rank and lost a star on his epaulets, he really didn’t care. From this time forward, he will only wear a Hawaiian shirt while he enjoys his full military pension and benefits. The general was able to escape military laws that frequently burn junior officers and enlisted for things like adultery, fraternization and conduct unbecoming, etc, etc.

Hurley was quietly…. very quietly retired in January 2019. The United States Army did not want us (the American people) to know if Hurley fathered a child with his mistress or not, an offense the Navy will crucify a junior officer for with a dishonorable discharge and felony conviction.

Court-martialing Major General Paul Hurley could have revealed many things the Army wanted to conceal. The military loves their multi-tiered judicial system because it works so well to squelch things that could lead to the court-martial of other flag-ranking officers. The military’s sneaky retire-to-avoid-prosecution policy has worked extremely well over many years. In Hurley’s case…. it worked like a champ.


When you enter the military service, you are leaving behind many of the protections of the United State Constitution. Equal-Justice-Under-Law no longer will apply to you. There are many of our minority groups in America that feel equal justice doesn’t exist in the civilian world either.

We can assure America’s young that equal justice does not exist in the military. If you believe it does, it’s a figment of your imagination and nothing more. If you want fairness and justice, you need to stay a civilian and get very wealthy. In the American judicial system, you get exactly the legal protections and justice that you can afford. The wealthy tend to be given a pass, while the poor people get crucified.

If you’re a junior officer or enlisted, you had better hope your father or mother is the chairperson of a Congressional committee. If you are an admiral or general, not to worry; you have a GET OUT OF JAIL card. In the military judicial system, justice is based on military rank. The higher your rank, the closer you will be to achieving ABOVE THE LAW status.

“Military justice is to justice what military music is to music.” – Groucho Marx